Aviation law deals with nearly every legal issue relating to aircraft and airport operations, together with air traffic control security, aircraft navigation, management & maintenance, aircraft trading, finance and leasing, litigation and dispute resolution, and pilot licensing conditions. Aviation law generally governs at the national stage, with most aviation regulations and standards enforced by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh.

Relevant Legislations

Previously Civil Aviation Ordinance, 1960 regulated the legal issues relating with aviation but Beshamorik Biman Cholachol Ain, 2017 has been enacted to control the contemporary issues of this sector by repealing the previous Ordinance. On the other hand, Civil Aviation Authority Act, 2017 governs the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh.

Relevant Terms

·         Aviation - The flying or operating of aircraft.

·         Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) - CAAB is the national aviation authority working under the Ministry of Civil Aviation & Tourism. It is a regulatory body for all aviation related activities in Bangladesh.

·         Air Traffic Control - A ground-based communications process that oversees and directs airplane traffic at airports.