Mergers and acquisitions in Bangladesh are governed by a combination of commercial laws and industry-specific laws. The key set of statutes that govern M&A transactions in Bangladesh include the Contract Act 1872, the Companies Act 1994 and the Competition Act 2012. Additionally, public limited companies including listed companies are required to ensure compliance with the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission Acts 1993, Securities and Exchange Ordinance 1969 and the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers) Rules 2018, alongside other security laws and by-laws promulgated by the regulators from time to time. Deals involving foreign investments and foreign currencies should also comply with the Foreign Exchange Regulations Act 1947, the Guidelines for Foreign Exchange Transactions and other regulations, circulars and guidelines of Bangladesh Bank, which is the central regulatory bank of Bangladesh.

Additionally, industry-specific laws have to be complied with. Examples of such laws include the Bank Companies Act 1991, the Financial Institution Act 1993, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Act 2001, the Telegraph Act 1885, the Petroleum Act 2016 and the National Digital Commerce Policy 2018, and relevant rules and by-laws promulgated thereunder.

Acquisitions that involve rebranding, IP rights on innovations, transfer of trademarks, designs patents, etc., will further require compliance of the Trademark Act 2009, the Trademark Rules 2015, the Patent and Design Act 1911 and the Rules of 1933.

Accordingly, a range of laws and regulations govern M&A transactions in the absence of a specific exhaustive M&A statute.