Trademark registration in Bangladesh is performed through the Department of Patents, Designs and Trademarks (DPDT). An applicant for the registration of a trademark has to be filed with the Trademark Registry Wing of the DPDT. The applicant may conduct a search for similar trademarks with the DPDT. This is not mandatory for the registration of trademarks.

After filing the application, the Registrar may either accept or reject or order to correct or modify the application. An application for registration of a trade mark may be accepted either absolutely or subject to conditions or limitations.

After an application is accepted by the Registrar, s/he shall provide a Journal Notification to the applicant for the advertisement of the mark. Afterwards the applicant is required to deposit journal fees though pay order/treasury chalan/bank draft. Then DPDT will send the mark to Bangladesh Government Press (BG Press) for publication.

 If there is no opposition, DPDT will inform the applicant to pay certification fees. The applicant is required to submit the money receipt of the certification fees to DPDT.

On the registration of a trade mark the Registrar shall issue to the applicant a certificate in the prescribed form of the registration thereof sealed with the seal of the Trade Marks Registry.

Licenses must be recorded with the authority to be effective. Application for record must be made to the Registrar.


In Bangladesh, Copyright Office is responsible maintaining the register of copyrighted works. Any application for registration, transfer, abandonment, modification of register should be made to the Registrar.

Once the Registrar received any application for copyright, s/he shall serve notice of the concerned application to every person who has any interest in the subject matter of that application. If the Registrar receives any objection s/he may after holding such inquiry as s/he deems fit, enter such particulars of work in the register of copyright, which s/he considers proper.

After registration, the Registrar shall sends copies of the entries made in the register to the parties concerned.

Copyright may be assigned, transferred or licensed. The Copyright Office has prescribed form for transfer.