Human and Fundamental Rights

Fundamental rights grant the citizen’s dignity of life in an atmosphere of freedom and justice beyond the man made chains that had constricted their physical and mental horizons.

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Family Law & Testamentary

Islamic law applies to Bangladeshi Muslims in family law and inheritance laws.

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Debt Recovery

The legal framework governing loan recovery in Bangladesh primarily involves statutes and regulations that facilitate the execution and revision processes.

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Corporate Secretarial

The Companies Act 1994 outlines specific statutory liabilities for Company Secretaries, including the obligation to submit statutory reports, hold annual general meetings, file annual lists of members, and comply with various other legal requirements.

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Energy and Infrastructure

Energy law in Bangladesh is a complex and ever-evolving subject.

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Admiralty and Maritime Law

The primary statutory basis for Admiralty law in Bangladesh lies in the Admiralty Court Act 2000.

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