Hello Advocate, a flagship project of BlackCoat LLP, is a pioneering digital legal service platform in Bangladesh. Recognizing the significant challenges in accessing quality and trustworthy legal aid, Hello Advocate was developed to bridge this gap and make legal services accessible to all. Through our innovative platform, individuals across the country can seek legal help, gain initial insights into legal matters, and connect with the best legal professionals suited to their needs. We are committed to making legal services affordable and accessible, especially for women and children who face severe legal challenges like dowry, rape, and acid attacks. Our upcoming mobile application will be designed to categorize lawyers by their areas of expertise, enabling users to find and connect with suitable legal professionals easily. 

Our Mission

  • Provide a user-friendly digital platform that connects individuals with qualified legal professionals.
  • Ensure affordable legal services, with free initial consultations for women and children facing severe legal issues.
  • Expand our network of legal professionals and tax consultants to offer comprehensive legal and financial assistance.
  • Enhance the legal experience by balancing legal expertise with empathy and understanding.
  • Continuously adapt and improve our services based on user feedback and evolving needs.
  • Raise awareness about legal rights and the importance of seeking legal aid through education and outreach programs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the legal landscape of Bangladesh by making quality legal aid accessible, affordable, and trustworthy for everyone. We aim to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to seek justice and legal support, thereby contributing to a fair and just society.


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Hello Advocate

Frequently Asked Questions


Hello Advocate is project of BlackCoat LLP which is a pioneering digital legal service platform, providing quality and trustworthy legal aid, empowering individuals across Bangladesh by connecting them with experienced Lawyers who guide their legal matters and represent their cases effectively.

No, Hello Advocate is not a law firm but rather a neutral and transparent legal technology platform. We connect clients with our network of top-tier lawyers, ensuring transparency and neutrality throughout the process. Hello Advocate does not handle or directly engage in client matters.

No, Hello Advocate does not recommend specific lawyers. Clients have the freedom to select the lawyer they wish to consult for their legal needs from all participating lawyers available.

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